The Author

I was born and raised in Jouret El Ballout, Mount Lebanon, Lebanon.

I hold a BS in Nutrition and Dietetics and an MS degree in Food Technology from the American University of Beirut; along with the Lebanese Nutrition and Dietetics License from the Lebanese Ministry of Public Health. I have worked in several sectors in the food industry for the past years from hospitals to food processing factories, recipe development and consulting services…

I am passionate about food and love working with food in all its aspects. For me, food is of a great social importance, giving all of us a national identity and a shared history. I aim in creating social value through improving the food services (whether within nutrition, dietetics, food science, cooking or any other related field) offered, through addressing the importance of food in our social and economical conditions specifically within the Lebanese community, all throughout the food production and utilization cycle, from the farm to the fork.

I believe that I have a mission in helping others improve their lives by transforming their eating habits, lifestyle and food appreciation. That’s why through “Strawberry Blu” I try to answer any question asked about food. Through “Strawberry Blu” I was able to see where our community lies within this field, what it lacks and what it needs.

Hopefully, I will be able to address as much problems as possible with the best accessible solutions, specifically targeting our upcoming young generations.

For now, my food experiences were quite magnificent and more is yet to come…

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