The Anabolic Diet and Bodybuilding

The Anabolic Diet and Bodybuilding

A couple of questions were asked on sports nutrition, what to eat for gym, mainly for bodybuilding etc. Thus, we decided to interview a bodybuilder for this matter to inform us about what type of food he eats and what is the lifestyle behind it all. And so, we were introduced to what is called “The Anabolic Diet” and were given a book ( The Anabolic Diet by Dr. Mauro DiPasquale); here’s the information gathered from the interview.

The Anabolic Diet

The Anabolic Diet is a High Fat High Protein Low Carbohydrate approach that works on maximizing the production and the utilization of testosterone, growth hormone and insulin; where the body’s metabolism shifts from a sugar burning/fat producing state to a fat burning state.

The diet calls for a high fat/high protein/low carbohydrates from Monday through Friday (5 day phase):
-55-60% Fat
-30-35% Protein
-5% Carbs (30g)

Then after on Saturday and Sunday; comes the Carbohydrate Loading phase:
-5-10 % Fat
-20-25% Proteins
-The rest is carbs

How Does it Work?

The carbohydrates are being limited throughout the week and suddenly reintroduced during the weekend that in turn affects the insulin levels and response. During this period the muscles are loading glycogen (the form of sugar found in the muscles), yet at the same time the amino acids (the substances that form the muscles) get introduced in the cells. Levels of the hormone serotonin will increase that leads to relaxation during the weekend.

Thus, when the body builder goes back to the gym on Monday the body will be working on burning the glycogen and the fats within that result in a high fat burning state and muscle growth. And throughout the week glycogen is limited, fat burning is maximized thus gains are favoured.

The Physical/Metabolic Benefits of the Anabolic Diet

-Increase lean body mass without steroids
-Decreasing body fat (promoting lipolysis: fat burning & preventing lipogenesis: fat production)
-Increase strength
-Increase endurance
-Cyclical Ketogenic Diet ( the Carbohydrate loading during the weekends prevents ketones production thus prevents ketoacidosis)
-Staying in Shape all year long (the body’s fat would be distributed evenly within the body)

Moreover, it has other benefits where it decreases mood swings, it’s convenient, increase energy and no hunger. As stated by our interviewee: “The best thing is that you never have cravings, I don’t feel hungry and sometimes I forget that I have to eat”.

The Anabolic Diet Phases:

1.Start-up phase: The first month of the diet usually is for adaptation, where the body tries to adapt to the new formulation and changes occurring; reaching the calories that maintain body weight.
2.The Mass Phase: The second month, increase in muscle mass and in weight; where the body weight increase by 15% the ideal weight (ie. Body fat not more than 10%)
3.The Cutting Phase: usually before a contest, where the bodybuilder cuts 1000kcal – 500kcal per day before the days of the contest to decrease the surface fats to get the smooth muscle look.

Sample Diet:

Here’s a sample diet according to our interviewee:

-Eggs + Butter + bacon or Awarma with Eggs

-Pieces of high fat cheese with nuts

-Salad (green leaves)
-Fried Chicken or Chicken Liver or Sausages or Tuna in Oil or Kafta
-With Butter, Mayonnaise etc…

-Tuna can or High fat cheese

-Pepperoni or any high fat cold cut
*Read labels: some cold cuts, sausages contain high amounts of carbohydrates

A concluding note:

There are lots of common questions that are usually asked concerning this diet such as: the body’s needs for glucose, fats and getting fatter, cholesterol and heart disease, the good fats and the bad fats etc.
According to our interviewee, it’s important to stress the importance of cholesterol friendly mono and poly-unsaturated fats (the good fats) and cholesterol lowering supplements such as fish oils etc. Thus, before starting such a diet, a full physical check up is needed with a physician and monitoring follow-ups are a must; monitoring cholesterol levels or any changes especially with predisposed people.


We have narrated the story and introduced the “Anabolic Diet” yet before initiating with any diet, refer to your doctor/ dietician or any other health provider, and act accordingly.

*Photos courtesy of Strawberry Blu.


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    • Cynthia Bu Jawdeh
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      Well we always recommend 3x per week. But always check out for your trainer because he/she will be following up your individual case :):)

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