La Cave de Joël Robuchon Wine Tasting

I’ve attended a wine tasting session last week. It was held at La cave de Joël Robuchon – The Wine Library in Beirut Souks.

Cave de Joel Robuchon

We tasted the two types of wine: Chateau Marsyas Rouge 2010 and Marsyas Blanc 2012.

Distinguished for their amazing color, flavour and after taste you simply wouldn’t want to stop.

Red and white wine

 Moreover during the tasting session, they were introducing a special edition wine designed by Nada Debs (special coffrets).

Special Edition by nada Debs

La Cave de Joël Robuchon, is part of a concept store based in Paris. The boutique is the creation of Joël Robuchon, one of the most esteemed chefs in France and includes a fine selection of wines pre-approved by Robuchon himself. So if you get to pass by Beirut Souks don’t miss the Wine Library, it’s just next to TSC Signature. When you’re there, give it a try and let us know your experience.

Grapes Anyone?

Lebanon is among the oldest sites of wine production in the world. Almost all the major wineries have their vineyards in the southern Beqaa Valley.

Here’s some pictures from our visit to one of the vineyards in the Bekaa Balley “Masaya”.

You can check out the history, background and list of the major wineries in Lebanon at:

Spring, Pork, Barbecue, Friends and Trichinella…

A couple of weeks ago I had a small gathering with some friends. It was a calm spring night embraced with a characteristic ambiance for a Pork Barbecue with Mashed Potatoes and Spicy Pineapple Honey Sauce…

The Charcoal is on…

The Pork meat is marinated in white Wine, Vinegar, Ginger and a variety of Spices

The Sauce, final stages, made from the finest bee’s Honey and the freshest Pineapple juice

The Mashed Potato with chopped mixed Vegetables and a mix of colored Bell Pepper

Wooowww the smell is just deliciousssssssss

Don’t they look gorgeous?

And here it comes… the perfect pork dish with all its accessories

Didn’t we forget anything?? Mmmmm Where’s the wine??

The night was cool, great people, great food, and here comes an interesting question:

Strawberry Blu why do they say that Pork Meat is scary and needs to be very well cooked?

Well, the only reason most people get scared when it comes to pork is due to the presence of a roundworm named “Trichinella spiralis” that cause an infectious disease.

This worm usually lives in undercooked or raw pork meat, so if the pork is eaten raw or undercooked and by any chance contains this roundworm then this worm will attack the intestine causing nausea, heartburn and diarrhea.

Then after, the worm travels from the intestine to invade other body systems mainly the muscles (heart, lungs, brain etc…) and fever will arouse. If the situation gets more sever, the lungs’ muscles will be infected causing them to stop pumping thus death might be the end result.

In conclusion, always make sure to have your pork meat very well cooked…

Chatting… Wine… and Resveratrol…

Chatting on a Saturday afternoon with my friend “Southern Comfort”….

Blue Strawberry:
2kh… finally I’m home… eatinggggggg…. What’s your favorite food????????

Southern Comfort:
My favorite food… I dunno….
I eat anything and almost everything… regardless if i’m hungry or not… :p
iza 3abele ekoul something, then i will eat it!!!

Steak has to be one of my favorite things… i really like pasta…
Vodka diet 7up, amaretto sour, marguerita…. wine…

Blue Strawberry:
mmmm… wine is not bad…

Let’s see… wine… wine… wine…. How about Red wine??? And it’s characteristic antioxidant…

Wine is one of the mostly consumed alcoholic beverages through out the world. Wine have shown high beneficial effects to health due to its antioxidants content.

Antioxidants are substances that reduce the damage caused by oxidation that in turn is caused by free radicals. Antioxidants are naturally produced by living cells of animal or plant origin. They are produced as part of the defensive mechanism preventing lipid oxidation and rancidity.

Lipid oxidation and rancidity are mainly related to the production of toxic substances named “Free Radicals” that degrade lipids (fats). Lipid Oxidation (within human cell): The degradation of lipids by those toxic reactive oxygen species pose several health concerns such as: cardiovascular disease, atherosclerosis, diabetes (glycation of end products), cancers etc… Rancidity (within food ): The degradation of the fat by those toxic reactive oxygen species leading to quality deterioration of foods.

One of the characteristic antioxidants in wine, mainly red wine, is Resveratrol. Resveratrol is mostly found in the skin and seeds of grapes that’s why it’s a major constituent of wines. Resveratrol from grapes is more highly concentrated when it has been processed into wine, it’s mainly found in red wine rather than white wine because red wine is fermented with the skin allowing the wine to absorb the resveratrol.

The biological attributes of resveratrol mainly include: antioxidant activity, anti-inflammatory activity, anti-platelets aggregation, anti-aging, anti-cancerous agent etc. Thus resveratrol may help prevent free radical damage over the human body and provide better support to the blood vessels; reduce the risk of heart disease, age-related illnesses like Alzheimer’s disease. Helps control arthritis and other autoimmune diseases, and reduces the risk of blood clotting.

Many studies have shown that resveratrol has a very important role in reducing highly reactive oxygen species, because it’s a free radical scavenger and because it promote the activity of several antioxidant enzymes. It is an antioxidants that plays an important role as a health protecting factor. It is now incorporated in pills as an effective supplement used for many healths related concerns.

In conclusion, Red wine’s potential health benefits are very promising in the presence of resveratrol antioxidant. Thus, moderate amounts of alcohol, including red wine, lowers the risk of several health concern. But, increased amounts of red wine, an alcohol, increases the risk of high blood pressure, high triglycerides, liver damage, obesity, certain types of cancer, and other problems; thus it’s best taken in moderation.


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