Mulberry Season is here!

It’s Mulberry Season!

As my grandma used to say, back in the days Mulberry Tree was  treasured mostly for its leaves rather than its fruits.

They used to grow silk worms (Dood el Kaz) that only feed on  mulberry leaves for silk production.

Mulberry, Silk and Anthocyanins

It’s Mulberry Season.

Here in Lebanon, Mullberry is widely grown in the mountains. Traditionally consumed raw or made into juice concentrate with sugar (Sharab el tout).

As my grandma used to tell me, back in their days they used to work in silk production, they used to grow silk worms (Dood el Kaz) only fed mulberry leaves. Back then the tree was treasured mostly for its leaves rather than its fruits.

Mulberries are dark black to purple; this color is due to a pigment within the fruit called Anthocyanin. Anthocyanin is a natural food colorant and act as an antioxidant; that has a key role in decreasing the blood bad cholesterol, preventing heart disease.

Do you like Mulberries?

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Mini Fruit Ice Pops

Summer is here, you’re loaded with work and your children are screaming out for ice cream?? You don’t want them to head out for the nearest shop and buy unhealthy fatty treats??

Here’s a simple, fast, fresh and healthy idea that you and your loved ones can enjoy!!

Mini Fruit Ice Pops!

It’s fruits season!! Why not have a selection of varied colorful fruits?

Squeeze some oranges and strain the juice to make it thin and clear. Add the juice to into a shaped ice freezer pack. On the other hand, chop some fruits and keep them aside for later use.

Add the chopped fruit pieces to the juice compartments. Hold them still with the help of toothpicks. Freeze.

After you freeze well. You’ll end up with Mini Fruit Ice Pops, shaped in accordance to the ice pack. You can have different shapes with different flavours and different combination to taste.

Simple, fast and easy. Just delicious and refreshing 🙂


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