Appetito Trattoria

I’ve tried a new Italian restaurant few weeks ago with some friends in Hamra named “Appetito Trattoria”.  It’s located at one of the corners of Hamra Street. It’s cozy and comfortable and we had a great time.

Trying a new place, we decided to taste some of Trattoria original plates. Have a look!

Fritti Misto: Fried Calamari and shrimps with Trattoria homemade sauce

Shrimps and calamari

Insalata Caprese: the traditional Italian fresh mozzarella salad

Caprese Salad

Potato e Lardo: A pizza with potato, goat cheese and Italian bacon

Italian Pizza

Crispolini: Rolled Crepe with spinach, ricotta cheese, parmesan cheese and creamy sauce

Rolled Crepe

They have lots of other ideas; if you try it let me know what your favorite is 🙂 


A French Culinary Journey – Coquelicot

Last week I had dinner at a spectacular French Restaurant. Coquelicot located in the heart of Gemmayze just next to the Red Cross Building, where I was amazed by a French culinary journey. This journey was inspired by the famous Parisian brasseries and bistros showing superb flavors, flawless service and a very homey warm atmosphere. I can’t not share with you this special experience with Coquelicot’s menu and all those exquisite dishes I’ve tasted from the appetizers to the main dishes along to the desserts.

Join  me for this lip-smacking French journey…

Just as you come in, you get to try warm French bread with “Homemade” butter and tapenade. The taste is extremely pampering!

I’ll start with the Appetizers, we’ve tasted an assortment of Roules de Saumon Fume, Tartare de Beouf , a selection of Salads, Thon mi-cuit,  Blanc de Poulet Panes, Crevettes au Sesame, Shrimps with goat cheese sauce  and fresh Crab.  Each and every dish has its own special taste made with a unique twist.

And here comes the fun part and don’t be shocked!! Because you will never taste anything like that anywhere else, Swirl Potatoes fried in “Duck Fat”, well you got to forget your diet issues and taste this unusual item.

We’re not done yet moving to the main dishes, if you get to pass by Coquelicot you can’t not taste all those delicious dishes:

Goose liver with apples.

Salmon lover’s you can’t miss Toumedos de Saumon.

Chicken stuffed with the finest Cepes Mushrooms and delicious side dish assortment.

Even if you’re full, this “Aged US Prime Beef” plate is like heaven on earth.

Now let’s have a break, and clear our taste buds from all the salty dishes and what’s more soothing than “Apple Sorbet”…

Now take a deep breath because the desserts have a special place: the famous “Pain Perdu”, Nutella Crepe and the sinful Chocolatmou.

No words can describe more the taste, so you got to go and taste for yourself. Let us know how it goes 🙂


Children… Eczema… and Diet

Yesterday night I received an email from “Eggplant”…


Dear Blue Strawberry…
Hope this email finds you well…
I have two children and they both have eczema…
Do you have any food/nutrition recommendations related to eczema???
I’m a bit worried…

“Blue Strawberry”

Well… first I need to know if your children have any food allergies… however for now it’s good to know that…

Most children with eczema do not have any reactions to food. Though, in some children, food allergies
may prompt some skin reactions.

The diet for eczema varies depending on the sensitivity of the child towards certain foods.
For example, milk may prompt eczema in some children, while it is safe for other children.
Thus, the diets vary from one child to another.

For me to plan a food related eczema diet, the first important step, is to identify the type
of foods that might affect the eczema.

I’ll give you a list of items that MIGHT trigger some reactions:

Milk and dairy product: Milk, cheeses, yogurt, chocolate that contains cow’s milk…
Wheat based products and cereals: Bread, crackers, donuts, pancakes, barley, oats and rye…
Nuts: Peanuts, walnuts, cashews, hazelnuts and pistachios…
Seafood: Shellfish, salmon, tuna, lobster, mussels, crabs…
Acidic fruits: Orange, lemon, strawberries, plumps, blueberries, prunes and tomatoes…
Eggs and soy products
Food colorings and food additives: Sodium benzoate, glutamate, tartrazine…

I can’t surely detect what is relevant to your children; nevertheless I insist that you get back
to your children doctor… and upon the doctor’s prescriptions, tests etc… we can move forward to the next step…

Did you know??? Lobsters, Crabs and Shrimps…

Lobsters, Crabs and Shrimps… All turn into Red and Orange when Cooked …

Lobsters, crabs, and shrimp have a variety of different colors present in their shells.
The red color is due to a pigment called “Astaxanthina”.

This pigment lies under the caratenoid family. Caratenoids, are pigments that produce
a reddish orange color (in shells and outer skins like in carrots).

Within the shells of lobsters, crabs and shrimps etc… this pigment is entrapped by protein chains.

The outer layers, of such shells, appear naturally dark colored (black, brown, green etc…).
Yet when they are cooked, the protein chains surrounding the pigment get degraded (denatured)
and so the astaxanthina gets released.

This pigment is naturally heat stable; consequently under heating conditions (cooking)
it doesn’t degrade and remains present within the shells.

As a result, after cooking (boiling) the lobsters, crab and shrimps all appear reddish in color….

See for yourself…




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