Homemade Maamoul with Women to Women Success!

Women to Women Success is a social initiative launched by two dynamic ladies, Maud Jabbour and Lama Diab, during the CSR in Action 2012 by Al Ahli Group. It is a non-governmental organization that improves the livelihood of unemployed and employed Lebanese women by creating home-based cooking services for a variety of clients, mainly working mothers.

By supporting them this coming Easter you’ll be empowering many unemployed Lebanese women, who are working hard from their own humble kitchens, in order to sustain an acceptable economic status for their families.

Order their delicious Easter homemade treats, the list  details as below:

W2W Maamoul Portrait

Contact Number: 03 – 28 78 90

Maamoul for a Cause!

Easter is around the corner and what’s better than maamoul to celebrate!?

This year a group of friends gathered to prepare maamoul for a cause. Here is what they have to say.

Let’s join them, let’s show them some support ! Order maamoul via “Little Helps” and help needy in Lebanon.

We are friends, we are foodies, we are party animals but we also bake for a Good Cause! Oh and we don’t just bake…we rock in baking!

‘Little helps’…That’s us!


So yes we roll up those sleeves, lay out all the ingredients on the worktop, turn on those ovens and start baking! Whatever revenue comes out of the sale of those yummy baked goods end up as funds for the needy or less privileged.

With today’s economic and social crisis, as well as political unrest in Lebanon, we have joined our hands to Bake for a Cause. Crazy as it sounds here’s our project: Maamoul making , baking , and selling. All funds will be used directly to help the needy in Lebanon coming from various backgrounds. Among whom are the underprivileged living in different regions across Lebanon, orphans, the elderly and the refugees fleeing from Syria seeking shelter.

With your little help we will surely make a BIG difference.

Sales will start during the month of April in Souk el Tayeb Beirut Souks every Saturday!

For all Maamoul pre-orders, do send us an email on littlehelpslebanon@gmail.com

Call us on 03450390 – 03240073

The Little Helps team:

Sandra Dagher

Paola Skaff Alford

Rosie Choueiry

Tina Jarrous Faucon

Carla Skaff Jabra

Candice Lorfing

You can check their Facebook Page at this link >>  Little Helps

Maamoul: The Old Way!

Last year, during Easter, my grandma did us a visit with her Maamoul oven.

As she narrated, it’s the best oven to prepare crispy, golden delicious maamoul with it surrounding heat!

Happy Easter Everyone 🙂

Easter Sambousik in Zouk Mikael!

If you get to pass by the Old Souks in Zouk Mikael you’ll cross by handmade jewelry, carpets, crafts, shoes and more. But you can’t miss the “Almond Treats” most famously the homemade “Marzipan” made of sugar or honey and almonds powder!

Marzipan is usually flavored with orange blossom water and shaped into roses or flowers then baked. It usually replaces cookies of cakes as a dessert or a coffee companion.

Talking of almond treats, this area is also well-known to prepare “Sambousik”. Sambousik, is made during Easter as a Maamoul replacement; a dough formed in a half moon shape and stuffed with almonds, sugar and water essences. It’s superbly delicious!

What kind of treat do you prepare for Easter?


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