Saturday Brunch at Secteur 75!

Two weeks ago I attended with a couple of friends a Saturday brunch. It was such an amazing experience; we spent like 3 incredible hours enjoying the place, atmosphere and of course the delicious food.  Sharing the experience, here’s a full blog post!

1 Friends at Secteur 75

An old traditional Beiruty house turned into a must try artistic resto-bar. It’s located in the heart of Beirut, Mar Mikhael Street. Its name refers to the area where it is located “Secteur 75”, which means district 75.

2 Secteur 75

The atmosphere is very artistic with graffiti decor and wall paint along with old style rustic chandeliers, doors, windows and unconventional furniture. The music is so nice, not too loud and not too low, you simply enjoy the stay while chitchatting peacefully with your friends.

3 Secteur 75 Menu

Here’s the delicious part!  The food is simply mouthwatering. We tasted a couple of their must try dishes that you should definitely give a try.
La Vie en Vert Cocktail (a mix of passion fruit, apple juice, litchi and alcohol)

4 La Vie en Vert Cocktail

Eggs Benedict

5 Eggs Benedict

Croque du Chef (with Bresaola)

6 Croque du Chef

Champignons des Dieux

7 Champignons des Dieux

Mushroom & Swiss Omelet

8 Mushroom & Swiss Omelet

Scrambled Eggs

9 Scrambled Eggs

Calamari Salad

10 Calamari Salad

Fish Tartar (one of their star dishes)

11 Fish Tartar

Omelet Burger (with a + 200g beef, bacon, Swiss cheese, and omelet)

12 Omelet Burger

Pancake Tower (excellent for groups)

13 Pancake Tower

Gaufre with Chocolate and Ice Cream

14 Gaufre with Chocolate and Ice Cream

See for yourself! Don’t wait long, go give it a try and let us know what you think!

Oh! and by the way, we were 4 girls, and we literally kept nothing in our plates 🙂

A 1 year stock of ice cream!

I participated in Taanayel Les Fermes Facebook Sweepstake last month and guess what!?

I won a bag full of flavored ice cream. The entire office tasted them and still I can eat ice cream the whole year 🙂

Have a look…

Candy Land!?

A guest post by Virginia Cunningham. A freelance writer from Los Angeles whose writing covers everything on health and fitness, travel and dining and marketing and social media.

Everyone loves candy, but not everyone can (or should) satisfy their sweet tooth every time they crave a little sugar. Too much artificial ingredients and flavoring means that most candies aren’t meant to be more than an occasional snack. However, by making candy yourself you can ensure that you know what you’re eating, and you get the satisfaction of knowing you made this candy yourself–you’ve earned it! Whether you eat it all in one go or store it in a candy container for a rainy day, homemade candy is well worth the effort. Check out these 8 great recipes, perfect for any season!

See any you like, or have any great candy recipes of your own? Share them in the comments!

Mini Fruit Ice Pops

Summer is here, you’re loaded with work and your children are screaming out for ice cream?? You don’t want them to head out for the nearest shop and buy unhealthy fatty treats??

Here’s a simple, fast, fresh and healthy idea that you and your loved ones can enjoy!!

Mini Fruit Ice Pops!

It’s fruits season!! Why not have a selection of varied colorful fruits?

Squeeze some oranges and strain the juice to make it thin and clear. Add the juice to into a shaped ice freezer pack. On the other hand, chop some fruits and keep them aside for later use.

Add the chopped fruit pieces to the juice compartments. Hold them still with the help of toothpicks. Freeze.

After you freeze well. You’ll end up with Mini Fruit Ice Pops, shaped in accordance to the ice pack. You can have different shapes with different flavours and different combination to taste.

Simple, fast and easy. Just delicious and refreshing 🙂

Passiflora edulis

It’s a vine type tree that produce egg shaped purple or yellow fruits. The passion fruit mainly grows in warm areas, it’s found in countries such as Brazil, Colombia, , Indonesia, Peru, Hawaii, Mexico etc.

The passion fruit pictures you’ll be seeing below are taken in my own garden, Mount Lebanon, Lebanon. My tree usually blossoms end of June to mid July, after which egg shaped green eggs begin to show, end of July throughout August the green unripe fruit change in color to become purple in color, when the outer layer of the fruit gets wrinkled the fruit drops by itself out from it mother tree on to the floor. Then the fruits are collected from beneath the tree, cleaned, and cooled for consumption.

The fruit is usually cut through its middle (cross section) and the inner part is eaten by a spoon. The inner part is collected and used to make cake toppings, jams, syrups, juices, ice cream, mousses, cocktails, flavored cheese cakes, tarts, flavored yoghurt etc…

Health Benefits/ Nutritional Facts

It is a good source of fibers that are essential to the digestive system, colon etc. It’s also rich in antioxidants (prevent lipid oxidation within the body, thus help improve the body’s lipid profile, and are also associated with decreasing risks of cancer)

The passion fruit is rich in Vitamin A (helps the body to remove free radicals that cause skin and tissue damage, and it helps to improve vision) and Vitamin C (helps to repair tissue, helps prevent heart disease and cancer).

3 to 4 passion fruits make 1 fruit exchange that is around 60-70kcal.


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