Body Image, Healthy Diet and Young Women


Numerous young women link their body image to self-esteem. With peer pressure and social influence they often tend to drift with the wave of wanting to look “thin” like models on TV or in magazines in order to feel confident and to have a sense of belonging.
It’s very important for young women to love their body and never compare themselves to others; but above all, they should never link food & dieting to emotions. The purpose of dieting ought to be for a healthy living and not for image.

Know more about this topic by checking my article on The Makeover Website where I give simple smart tips that will help young women eat healthy while enjoying their bodies.

I don’t know if you’re familiar with this site, but it is a community website created by Kotex Lebanon, sharing lots of interesting and beneficial topics, tips, and more about menstruation, health, healthy eating, beauty, relationships & fashion. The website also contains a movie guide to the latest movies in town.

What’s even more interesting¬ is that they have a mobile application. So you can have all this content at hand at any time. You can download it from the App Store or via Google Play.

When you check out the article, let me know what you think 🙂

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Travel & Smile Lebanon – Mobile Dental Clinics

Can healthcare be mobile?

Maybe it can, but can it be possible in our Lebanon!?

Well believe it or not, yes we do have mobile clinics!

I came across this superb project, “Travel & Smile Lebanon” created by Dr. George Hanna in collaboration with the Lebanese Dental Association; that aims in providing free basic dental care, awareness, exams and x-rays (at least once or twice a year) via mobile dental clinics that can travel throughout Lebanon specifically around the underserved areas.

As it was mentioned in several news sources, this project is not possible without the public contributions.

The project is seeking donations where one can donate via the online: Check the link below >>

ie. you need to copy paste the link in order to open it (for security purposes).

For further details regarding this topic check out their Facebook page, Dr. George Hanna at or visit Daleel Madani.



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