Corn on a Charcoal Grill


If you’re planning a barbecue gathering for the weekend add “Corn on the Cob” to your menu list. 

It’s simple, easy and delicious.

Place them naked on the charcoal grill and flip on each side until all sides are cooked well. 

Don’t overcook, so you can feel the juices squeezing out. 

I love to serve them with a dressing of lemon, oil, salt and fresh chopped coriander. Just delicious 🙂 

Let me know how it goes. 

Barbecued Green Pine Cones

If you pass around the mountains of Lebanon, during the period between the ends of June through July, and have a look at some pine trees, you’ll see beautiful green pine cones all over the tips.

In the old days, those green small young pine cones, used to be collected (while still freshly greenish) and barbecued over charcoal, cut and enjoyed as an appetizing treat.

I had the chance to get some greenish pine cones (yet they were getting harder) and tried them on charcoal. The smell was just amazing and simply relaxing.

I couldn’t much taste the outer parts but the inner parts were not that bad. If I had the chance to pick them younger and smaller I would have definitely got a better taste.

The surprise was that as the cones got barbecued, the layers from the outside start popping out, and the young pine nuts appeared as they were forming within their mother cone!

Have a look for yourself 🙂


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