Spring, Pork, Barbecue, Friends and Trichinella…

A couple of weeks ago I had a small gathering with some friends. It was a calm spring night embraced with a characteristic ambiance for a Pork Barbecue with Mashed Potatoes and Spicy Pineapple Honey Sauce…

The Charcoal is on…

The Pork meat is marinated in white Wine, Vinegar, Ginger and a variety of Spices

The Sauce, final stages, made from the finest bee’s Honey and the freshest Pineapple juice

The Mashed Potato with chopped mixed Vegetables and a mix of colored Bell Pepper

Wooowww the smell is just deliciousssssssss

Don’t they look gorgeous?

And here it comes… the perfect pork dish with all its accessories

Didn’t we forget anything?? Mmmmm Where’s the wine??

The night was cool, great people, great food, and here comes an interesting question:

Strawberry Blu why do they say that Pork Meat is scary and needs to be very well cooked?

Well, the only reason most people get scared when it comes to pork is due to the presence of a roundworm named “Trichinella spiralis” that cause an infectious disease.

This worm usually lives in undercooked or raw pork meat, so if the pork is eaten raw or undercooked and by any chance contains this roundworm then this worm will attack the intestine causing nausea, heartburn and diarrhea.

Then after, the worm travels from the intestine to invade other body systems mainly the muscles (heart, lungs, brain etc…) and fever will arouse. If the situation gets more sever, the lungs’ muscles will be infected causing them to stop pumping thus death might be the end result.

In conclusion, always make sure to have your pork meat very well cooked…


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