Living Alone? Loaded with Work? No time for Cooking? Fed up with Fast Food and Chocolate?

Most of us nowadays are loaded with work, live alone or at the dorms… The mother is not there to provide us with the healthiest homemade yummy foods.

We mostly live on delivery, fast food and chocolate. If we want to have a change we go out for some unconventional types of food that are usually unhealthy and unaffordable for our daily living. We’re stuck in a circle loaded with lack of time, lack of money and a tragic routine.

Here are some basic tips and fast healthy cooking ideas that can be performed anywhere from the office to the dorms room.

Go for Healthy Shopping

Stock your freezer with some healthy breads

A variety of Healthy Cheese (Akkawi, Halloumi Cheese, Majdoule, Low Fat Yellow Cheese) and Luncheon Meats (Turkey Ham)

A variety of Vegetables

Have a stock of healthy canned Grains and Meats such as Tuna

Never forget the Spices and Condiments

And some healthy ready made Sauces (Tomato Sauce, Pesto Sauce etc…)

Now your mini kitchen is ready to rock… Yet, how to use the Microwave for some easy fast healthy cooking?? Check some examples…

Add the pasta or some cut vegetables (ex. sliced carrots) in a microwavable plate or plastic container with water…

Cover the plate with cling film…

Set in the microwave for 5-7 minutes (every 2 minutes check on the plate because it contains boiling water).

You can also bake potatoes or make baked vegetables (zucchini, eggplant, bell pepper etc…) in the microwave, just slice the potatoes or the vegetables and put them on a plate in the microwave for few minutes…

Remove from the water, or from the plate and serve with meats, grains and a salad… Here you go simple healthy easy to prepare…

Check some samples below: Preparation time: Not more than 10 minutes…

Tuna with Baked Potatoes and Season Salad…

Healthy Grains with Salad (you can add some garlic, lemon and olive oil to taste)…

Microwave Boiled Vegetables, Shredded Low Fat Cheese and Salad…

Microwave Boiled Pasta and Carrots with Ready to Eat Tomato Sauce…

A light easy Yoghurt Snack for the overnights (with pasta and mint), can also be eaten as a dinner with a salad…

Why Not have a Fruit as a Snack…

Never forget the dessert… A whole cereal Toast with Jam and Fruits (makes up around 70kcal)

Important Tips

Becareful of instant meals found in the supermarket, they are usually rich in Saturated Fats and Trans Fats (those are the bad fats).

Do not eat DIET snacks unless you make sure that their content is suitable (usually they are low is simple sugars yet high in fats).

Always read the labels on the food product you are buying.


  1. pat
    August 17, 2011

    7abbet the photos and how u put a lot of thought in your post!Thumbs up πŸ˜€

  2. Darine
    August 17, 2011

    Hi Cynthia,
    I think this is a great post ! Good tips and illustrative photos , i actually use all of these tips day to day but i think I do not have enough variety in vegies and grains.

    • Cynthia Bu Jawdeh
      August 18, 2011

      Thx!! Yeh I tried to stress out the salads… grains etc… because i know a lot don’t consume much… it’s very important to increase the consumption of veggies and grains, they are rich in fibers, proteins, vitamins,minerals etc that are essential for good health…

  3. Miesha Gonska
    August 21, 2011

    Do you have a Facebook page or Twitter? Would love to follow you there, I’m on my iPhone and love reading your stuff!

  4. Rabih A.
    August 22, 2011

    I loved this post!
    I used those tips all summer since my parents went to the mountain.
    They look delicious & healthy

    • Cynthia Bu Jawdeh
      August 23, 2011

      I am glad you liked it…

      I tried my best to show that it’s simple, easy and quick to prepare delicious yet healthy meals… even if we all lead a busy life…

      Thank you for your feedback :):)

      You can follow me for new related posts on twitter @StrawberryBlu :):)

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