“Janarik” Unripe Plums!

As spring blossoms, almost over the entire country white showers of “Unripe Plums” flowers cover the gardens. The fruit pop up early in March, where they are picked and eaten as is.

Here in Lebanon, we call them “Janarik”, some also call them “Jararank”; they are sour to sweet small round green fruits, just like the unripe plums yet they are eaten early during the season savoured with salt along with a refreshing drink! Note that plums when unripe, they have a very bitter taste thus mostly unpalatable in comparison to “Janarik”; as if they are of a different genre.

The most interesting part is that while I was going through a book called “Moune” by Barbara Massaad; I found out that some of the villages prepare “Janarik” Pickles allowing their enjoyment all year long!

Have a look!


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