It’s Fig Season

How to select and buy figs?
•Ripe figs are soft in hand, have sweet aroma and rich in color.
•Fig have a short life time thus it’s best to eat them while still fresh, if not they can be placed in the refrigerator for 2-3 days.
•Always avoid overly soft or bruised fruits with broken skin.
•Figs do not ripe after harvesting thus always prevent buying unripe fruits.

Types of Figs? Which is better? Which is Sweeter?
•There are mainly 2 types of figs, the black and the white.
•The white is usually sweet having a harder skin in comparison to the black that is sour in taste with softer skin. That’s why white figs are preferred in cooking such as in jams, jellies and side dishes.

Are they bad for Diabetes?
•Fresh figs are rich in fibers and simple sugars; thus diabetic patients are allowed to have them in replacement with other fruits or snacks.
•1 exchange of figs is around 2-3 figs. For example, a diabetic patient can replace a medium sized apple with 2 to 3 figs as a max.
•Dried or semi-dried figs contain higher amounts of simple sugars than fresh figs thus, raise blood sugar levels very quickly.
•Some research studies show that figs contain chlorogenic acid. Chlorogenic acid helps in lowering blood sugar levels and control blood glucose levels in diabetic patients. Yet, more research is still needed.

How much can we eat per day?
•1 fruit exchange of figs = 2-3 figs, thus it depends on individual daily intake allowance.

What are the nutritional health benefits of Figs?
•Figs are excellent source of dietary fibers, minerals (Calcium, Iron and Potassium), vitamins (B-vitamins) and anti-oxidants.
•100 g figs provide around 80 calories where as dried figs provide around 250 calories.
•Have positive effects on cancers, diabetes, hypertension, degenerative diseases and infections.

Fig leaves and un-ripened fruit produce white liquid than cause burning to the skin and the eyes; can also induce allergic reactions.

Are you in a Rush? Surprised with some Guests? It’s Fig Season!!
Here is a simple, quick and easy serving example; that you can prepare in 15 minutes.

-Cream Cheese
-Figs Jam
-Baguette Bread slices (or pain au lait)

Preparation Method:
Mix 75:25 ratio of Cream Cheese to Figs jam. Mix until you get a smooth creamy texture.
Place some on a baguette bread slice and decorate with walnuts.
Serve as an appetizer or a pass around starter.


  1. loulwa
    September 26, 2011

    Interesting info about the Chlorogenic! first time to hear about it!

    & now you made me crave for dried figs from my aunt’s tree!!! hehehe

  2. Sandra
    September 28, 2011

    A great recipe presented: easy and convenient! Will keep in mind for later use:P:P

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