Bedivere Beirut: Enjoy your food without Instagraming it!

Well this is something to talk about!

Bedivere Eatery & Tavern is a restaurant located in Beirut and is in the process of rolling out its Socially Forward! campaign, after its policy for leaving phones in exchange for a 10% discount–henceforth Bedivere Policy–has gone viral, making over 60 international headlines (BBC, CNN, TIME, MSN, Fox News, CBC, Huffington Post, E!, Gawker, etc.), starting a global discussion on usage of phones in social outings, and providing comedy material for the hilarious Ellen DeGeneres.

Check the YouTube link >> Bedivere Eatery & Tavern policy is on Ellen’s show!

Check their policy out!
Bedivere Policy
To raise visibility on Bedivere Policy and illustrate its benefits, they are having a ‘Disconnect to Connect’ event on Tuesday October 8 at 7:00 PM at Bedivere.


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