Easter Sambousik in Zouk Mikael!

If you get to pass by the Old Souks in Zouk Mikael you’ll cross by handmade jewelry, carpets, crafts, shoes and more. But you can’t miss the “Almond Treats” most famously the homemade “Marzipan” made of sugar or honey and almonds powder!

Marzipan is usually flavored with orange blossom water and shaped into roses or flowers then baked. It usually replaces cookies of cakes as a dessert or a coffee companion.

Talking of almond treats, this area is also well-known to prepare “Sambousik”. Sambousik, is made during Easter as a Maamoul replacement; a dough formed in a half moon shape and stuffed with almonds, sugar and water essences. It’s superbly delicious!

What kind of treat do you prepare for Easter?


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