Dear Friends,

Here I will not answer a question, talk, narrate or share any story related to food; yet share with you my story…

On Sunday May 29, 2011 afternoon, Strawberry Blu was born. My personal blog that was created to share personal experiences about food was transformed into a Q&A social online space that is aimed to answer questions on health, wellness, nutrition, dieting and cooking.
You can check out the first post here: “Strawberry Blu Answers your Questions!

Why Strawberry Blu?

Going back to my university days I was continuously flushed by thousands of questions related to food such as the specific benefits, related health problems, related diseases, recipes, advice etc. Most questions were related to our own ethnic foods, cultures and traditions and in most of the time people’s conception was wrong.

I started compiling a list of all those misconceptions related to food, and I was continuously encountered by “We can’t find any information about Mloukhiyeh, we can’t calculate the calories within our traditional foods, honey is excellent for diabetes, bread makes you fat etc.” All was inherited from mothers, grandmas, community etc. I sensed lack of knowledge and lack of resources within my community.

Moreover, people wanted instant, inexpensive, relevant and credible answers to their questions; they didn’t want to go through the process of visiting a dietician or a professional along with spending a considerable amount of money and time. So I decided to open my personal blog to share my own food experiences tackling the above mentioned issues.

Yet, and with the help of a good friend, we decided to transform this personal blog into a social interactive one where anyone can ask real time questions about food and get instant qualified answers; and as a result increase awareness within the Lebanese community and hopefully within the Arab community as a whole.

As a start it was a hard decision because the mass efforts were directed towards sharing information and advice about issues that directly affects health thus, the biggest challenge was to communicate in the simplest, most comprehensible and correct way. So if this information is applied it’s applied correctly. Today, I look to the future seeing Strawberry Blu up in the sky, fulfilling this mission in spreading out the knowledge and shaping out a food- health-conscious community.

Time flies I know, it was a great year and I am grateful for every moment spent, shared and experienced through this online space. Strawberry Blu team was able to answer hundreds and hundreds of questions via the Facebook Page, Facebook Group, Twitter, Blog and through emails.

Since it’s a Q&A type targeting a specific topic, Strawberry Blu was featured in several magazines (Ragmag, The Gate, Hayatouki), TV shows (Future TV, Aynak Ala Sohtak and B Wa2ta Episode; LBC TV, Helwe Beirut), blogs (Pearl’s Powder, Paty M Nutrition World, Beirut Spring, Lebanon Aggregator and Daaset Sobbat, Le Blog de Chanty, Health ‘n’ Horizons), it got reddited with over 200,000 viewers in 1 day with a global buzz (Strawberry Blu Incident), was ranked as the top 3 food/health/nutrition blogs in Lebanon, in the top Lebanese Blogs (the 7th out of the 700, 2Famous ) and in the Ultimate List of the most famous 101 Lebanese blogs 2Famous.

Moreover, it featured in-house several professionals from athlete, nutritionist, food scientist, speech and language therapist and strawberry genomics scientist, Beauty Enthusiast; experts and professionals to share and answer related food questions.

In addition, to participating in several social media conferences and entrepreneurship events: Social Media Changing Lives, The Execution, The Pinterest and Path Experience, Cook and Eat Lebanese Gathering.

Thank You!!

I want to take this opportunity to thank each and every single one of you for all your support for making this journey come true…


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