Mulberry Season is here!

It’s Mulberry Season!

As my grandma used to say, back in the days Mulberry Tree was  treasured mostly for its leaves rather than its fruits.

They used to grow silk worms (Dood el Kaz) that only feed on  mulberry leaves for silk production.

Slow Food Beirut


Just bumped into a blog post by “Slow Food Beirut”.

Slow Food Beirut is a Lebanese convivium and a non-governmental organization. It seeks to promote a good, clean, and fair food system in Lebanon

They are setting up short-term and long-term objectives to build up strategies to safeguard our precious Lebanese culinary heritage.

They need members to make this happen, you can join by paying 10,000 LL per year!

Check out the full article at >> 1st Convivium Meeting Slow Food Beirut 2.0

Diet Baklava!?

I was invited for lunch yesterday, and thought I’ll  pass by to purchase some Arabic sweet on my way!

… and here you go “Diet Baklava”

I asked the girl at the shop, what is meant by “Diet” and how can “Baklava” be made in such a way! Her answer was it’s diet, meaning light and can be eaten by diabetics! That’s all what I got out of her.

There was no label or ingredients list nor  nutritional facts that can at least give me a slight idea on what’s making it “Diet” or suitable for “Diabetics”.

The taste is less sweet than the regular ones, yet they were greasy and sticky!

Here’s the back of the box…

So what do you say?

Have you ever tasted a “Diet Baklava”?


Lemonade!? For one week now and it’s the first thing I drink in the morning!

I’ve been sick for the past week with all the sneezing and soar throat! I’ve been drinking it cause it’s refreshing, soothing down the symptoms.

Yet, how can I make it without all the extra tablespoons of sugar?

I just replaced the table sugar with a sweetener. Same taste, consistency wasn’t affected and I enjoyed it lukewarm!

Try it with a couple of mint leaves and a drizzle of orange blossom water for a delightful taste 🙂

Have a great weekend!

Picture Source: know-about-lemonade.html

Maamoul: The Old Way!

Last year, during Easter, my grandma did us a visit with her Maamoul oven.

As she narrated, it’s the best oven to prepare crispy, golden delicious maamoul with it surrounding heat!

Happy Easter Everyone 🙂


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