Maamoul for a Cause!

Easter is around the corner and what’s better than maamoul to celebrate!?

This year a group of friends gathered to prepare maamoul for a cause. Here is what they have to say.

Let’s join them, let’s show them some support ! Order maamoul via “Little Helps” and help needy in Lebanon.

We are friends, we are foodies, we are party animals but we also bake for a Good Cause! Oh and we don’t just bake…we rock in baking!

‘Little helps’…That’s us!


So yes we roll up those sleeves, lay out all the ingredients on the worktop, turn on those ovens and start baking! Whatever revenue comes out of the sale of those yummy baked goods end up as funds for the needy or less privileged.

With today’s economic and social crisis, as well as political unrest in Lebanon, we have joined our hands to Bake for a Cause. Crazy as it sounds here’s our project: Maamoul making , baking , and selling. All funds will be used directly to help the needy in Lebanon coming from various backgrounds. Among whom are the underprivileged living in different regions across Lebanon, orphans, the elderly and the refugees fleeing from Syria seeking shelter.

With your little help we will surely make a BIG difference.

Sales will start during the month of April in Souk el Tayeb Beirut Souks every Saturday!

For all Maamoul pre-orders, do send us an email on

Call us on 03450390 – 03240073

The Little Helps team:

Sandra Dagher

Paola Skaff Alford

Rosie Choueiry

Tina Jarrous Faucon

Carla Skaff Jabra

Candice Lorfing

You can check their Facebook Page at this link >>  Little Helps

Bedivere Beirut: Enjoy your food without Instagraming it!

Well this is something to talk about!

Bedivere Eatery & Tavern is a restaurant located in Beirut and is in the process of rolling out its Socially Forward! campaign, after its policy for leaving phones in exchange for a 10% discount–henceforth Bedivere Policy–has gone viral, making over 60 international headlines (BBC, CNN, TIME, MSN, Fox News, CBC, Huffington Post, E!, Gawker, etc.), starting a global discussion on usage of phones in social outings, and providing comedy material for the hilarious Ellen DeGeneres.

Check the YouTube link >> Bedivere Eatery & Tavern policy is on Ellen’s show!

Check their policy out!
Bedivere Policy
To raise visibility on Bedivere Policy and illustrate its benefits, they are having a ‘Disconnect to Connect’ event on Tuesday October 8 at 7:00 PM at Bedivere.

Mouneh w Terwika

Do you want to know how to make your own Lebanese Mouneh?

Then don’t miss this Mouneh course held at Mezzanine Cafe – AltCitythis Saturday 20 September 2013.


During the Mouneh course, Madame Renee Breitheh will be covering the following topics:1- How to make your own tasty “kechek”

2- How to prepare “makdous” (eggplant and green beans)

3- Mixed vegetables pickles and the secret how to conserve them for years

4- How to prepare labneh in oil

5- All you have to know about the best season to start preparing your Mouneh and how best to conserve it

Madame Renee will be ready after the course to answer all your questions and for your Mouneh inquiries.

Brunch: 25000 LL (open coffee/tea, juices, and our special Mezzanine sangria cocktail!)
Mouneh course: 5000 LL
Place: Mezzanine-AltCity, Hamra, Montreal Bldg, Floor M
Time: Saturday, September 21th, 9 am to 2 pm

For more info place call Paula at 03-860775

Strawberry Blu – Cloud961 August Issue!

News & Events | September 2, 2013 | By

Strawberry Blu in Cloud961 August Issue!

Thank you Cloud961 for the mention and awesome description 🙂


Cynthia Bu Jawdeh is passionate about food and love working with food in all its aspects. For her, food is of

a great social importance, giving all of us a national identity and a shared history. She blogs on Strawberry Blu, a social Q&A online space that answers questions on Food: Health, Wellness, Nutrition, Dieting, & Cooking. If you are into food (who isn’t?), then you must follow her. Check page 12 of the latest issue – August 2013 and check the section “5 interesting people to follow on Social Media” >>


More on Lebanese Mobile Clinics!

We got great feedback regarding the Travel & Smile Lebanon – Mobile Dental Clinics, discussed in our previous post. We got feedback that there are other mobile clinics in Lebanon, so we thought it’s always good to share what’s going on. We have a guest writer today who will be talking all about it…

More on mobile clinics. The LIONS Club Organization has provided and equipped so far 3 types of mobile clinics:

The mobile clinic for hearing and speech was launched in 2010. This clinic can reach villages all over the country through agreements with the municipalities or local health centers. It provides new equipments to test for hearing and speech especially for kids and newborns.

The first mobile clinic for early detection of breast cancer was launched in 2006 and the second in 2010. The clinics divided into three separate rooms and equipped with a mammography and ultrasound machines as well as printing devices. It is used both for exams but for awareness campaigns as well.

The mobile clinic for sight called: Knights of sight was launched in 2012. It includes a chart projector, auto-kerato/refractometer, trial lenses and universal trial frames, auto-lens meter and other devices needed for examination. Aside from the free exams this clinic provides, it also presents glasses for those in need and it is also used to perform free eye surgeries if needed.

To be able to receive these free services the municipalities or local health centers of needed villages and towns can get in contact with the LIONS organization governorate in Baabda on these numbers: +961 5 951417 or +961 5 455352.  And if you need more information or what LIONS do, you can also visit the district website on

Below are pictures of the launch of the Knights of Sight mobile clinic in 2012 with Governor Nabil Rousse and Head of the committee his wife Nada Rousse in Byblos Jbeil.

About our guest – Jennifer Kanaan

Jennifer is a nutritionist with a focus on holistic health and lifelong weight issues. After a defining experience in her life, she came to accept the fact that it is more than what we eat and how much we exercise that affects our weight and health. So she started her personal research in energy healings, alternative medicines and quantum spirituality. It is her hope that, through sharing her journey and experience, she get to reach and inform as many people as possible who are also struggling with their health and well-being. She is also an active member of the LIONS organization in Lebanon.

You can follow her on >>

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and Linkedin


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