Take Your Summer BBQ to the Next Level with These Great Apps

You’re probably more grateful for your phone in the short moments that you find yourself idle, like when you’re riding public transportation, waiting for the bus, or, well, standing in front of the grill while waiting for your barbeque to finish. But did you know that your phone could actually help you throw the perfect summer BBQ?

It shouldn’t really come as a surprise. Around this time last year, Google announced that they finally hit 1 million apps in the Play Store, and Apple soon followed suit. Gaming Realms, who won Best Boutique Bingo Site for their mobile gaming website Iceland Bingo in 2013, also estimates that by 2015, the mobile market will be worth upwards of $4 billion. There are apps for everything out there, and even the most experienced pit master will find a useful app that can help them turn out beautifully grilled or barbequed steaks every time.

1. Weber’s On the Grill App


People often have their own specialties on the grill, but you can have too much of a good thing. If you often end up making the same thing at your barbeques, then the On the Grill app just might help you. With over 250 recipes for full meals and even rubs, sauces and marinades, an ingredient check-list, and a timer, the On the Grill app has just about everything.

2. The Pit Pal BBQ App


Dubbed by the USA Today as “one of the 10 best apps for Dad”, Pit Pal BBQ has everything anyone working with a grill could ever need. By tracking different variables from each cook, the app lets experienced grillers adjust these variables in order to come up with the best results. The best part? It’s also compatible with the BBQ Guru CyberQ Wifi and Stoker WiFi, so you can monitor your temperatures and smoke levels on your phone too!

3. iGrill


Although not an app per se, the iGrill is perhaps the key to handless grilling. Just insert the probe into the steak you’re grilling, allow the device to connect to your iPhone, and let your phone tell you when you steak is done. You’re then free to enjoy the rest of your party, talk to your guests, and maybe enjoy a few beers! The app is also available on Android devices!

More on Lebanese Mobile Clinics!

We got great feedback regarding the Travel & Smile Lebanon – Mobile Dental Clinics, discussed in our previous post. We got feedback that there are other mobile clinics in Lebanon, so we thought it’s always good to share what’s going on. We have a guest writer today who will be talking all about it…

More on mobile clinics. The LIONS Club Organization has provided and equipped so far 3 types of mobile clinics:

The mobile clinic for hearing and speech was launched in 2010. This clinic can reach villages all over the country through agreements with the municipalities or local health centers. It provides new equipments to test for hearing and speech especially for kids and newborns.

The first mobile clinic for early detection of breast cancer was launched in 2006 and the second in 2010. The clinics divided into three separate rooms and equipped with a mammography and ultrasound machines as well as printing devices. It is used both for exams but for awareness campaigns as well.

The mobile clinic for sight called: Knights of sight was launched in 2012. It includes a chart projector, auto-kerato/refractometer, trial lenses and universal trial frames, auto-lens meter and other devices needed for examination. Aside from the free exams this clinic provides, it also presents glasses for those in need and it is also used to perform free eye surgeries if needed.

To be able to receive these free services the municipalities or local health centers of needed villages and towns can get in contact with the LIONS organization governorate in Baabda on these numbers: +961 5 951417 or +961 5 455352.  And if you need more information or what LIONS do, you can also visit the district website on www.lions351.org.

Below are pictures of the launch of the Knights of Sight mobile clinic in 2012 with Governor Nabil Rousse and Head of the committee his wife Nada Rousse in Byblos Jbeil.

About our guest – Jennifer Kanaan

Jennifer is a nutritionist with a focus on holistic health and lifelong weight issues. After a defining experience in her life, she came to accept the fact that it is more than what we eat and how much we exercise that affects our weight and health. So she started her personal research in energy healings, alternative medicines and quantum spirituality. It is her hope that, through sharing her journey and experience, she get to reach and inform as many people as possible who are also struggling with their health and well-being. She is also an active member of the LIONS organization in Lebanon.

You can follow her on >>

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Candy Land!?

A guest post by Virginia Cunningham. A freelance writer from Los Angeles whose writing covers everything on health and fitness, travel and dining and marketing and social media.

Everyone loves candy, but not everyone can (or should) satisfy their sweet tooth every time they crave a little sugar. Too much artificial ingredients and flavoring means that most candies aren’t meant to be more than an occasional snack. However, by making candy yourself you can ensure that you know what you’re eating, and you get the satisfaction of knowing you made this candy yourself–you’ve earned it! Whether you eat it all in one go or store it in a candy container for a rainy day, homemade candy is well worth the effort. Check out these 8 great recipes, perfect for any season!

See any you like, or have any great candy recipes of your own? Share them in the comments!

How to upgrade your exercise routine!

There is no need to think of exercising as of a boring procedure that is good for you but is challenging to keep up with. Exercising can be a lot of fun if you know how to “upgrade” it. Use several tips provided and see your exercise time become a truly pleasant activity that benefits you in so many ways. Exercising – stylish and fun? Yes indeed, and it is not as difficult as you may think!

The right music for the right attitude

Even though it may sound like a trivial thing, choosing the right music to move to can make a huge difference in your exercise routine. Try various genres, even the ones you may not listen to otherwise, until you find the ones that motivate you the most. Running extra half a mile, doing that extra push up when your arms are burning, cycling an extra mile when the legs do not seem to be working any more: music has that power, and it is so easy to unleash. Who knows, perhaps you start your exercises with some up-beat indie rock, then need some heavier music to continue your routine, and a little bit of drum’n’bass in the very end to actually finish what you have promised to yourself.

Invest in your new habit

Let’s be honest: sometimes even the most enthusiastic and the most motivated ones lose their interest in exercising when it becomes too monotonous. In order to fight that, allow yourself to invest in certain pieces of sports equipment that will make you want to use it often and with joy. For instance, invest in a nice bike lights system if you think you will be biking more often in the evening then. Perhaps even buy a new bicycle saddle if your old one is not the most comfortable one. A trendy helmet, too, can make your rides even more enjoyable. Buy a colorful jumping rope to intensify your cardio routine or a tropical-themed hula hoop to have no excuse not to burn some calories while watching a movie. A thing as basic as a nice hairband  can make you feel more motivated to hit the streets, parks, or whatever venue you are using, and see your body get in shape.

Gadget it up

To add even more style to your sports routine, get some useful gadgets. If you like to jog or run, invest in a distance calculator which also records your heart rate and other important measurements. The same goes for cyclists: you do not have to guess how many miles you have done today, and can keep on increasing your mileage as time goes. Something as small as a heart rate monitor can make you more informed about your health state and, hence, more enthusiastic about improving that health. Also, there are plenty of applications offered for any kind of smartphones, like applications for runners by Nike that can share your achievements on Facebook or Twitter (bragging time!), so choose wisely and your fun way of exercising will be only application – or, simply one click – away.

Style is important, too. After you made your little investments in your new lifestyle, or bought the newest running shoe, make sure you are able to carry your little gadget that plays the motivating music, informs you about your well-being and performance. Carrying your phone in your hand while running (not to mention cycling) can be very destructive and tiring- Holding something transforms your movements and can cause more harm than benefit. Always make sure to have a phone or other gadget in a case that allows you to keep your items with you safely, comfortably and stylish.

Do everything it takes

Staying in shape is never easy so it only makes sense to look for ways to make your exercise routine as much fun as possible. Pay a visit to a sports shop, put some nice music on, and you need to do now is start moving. These simple things can do miracles, so try them out, and see your fitness level increase seemingly effortlessly.

This is a post by Anita, an avid blogger, a healthy living guru and a writer for Higherclick.com. She is currently writing on behalf of Macys.com.

Best Foods For Active Brain Health

Today we’ll have a guest post on the best foods for active brain health.

About the guest blogger:

Virginia Cunningham is a freelance writer from Los Angeles whose writing covers everything on health and fitness, travel and dining and marketing and social media. To keep her mind active throughout the day, she drinks coffee every morning.

Hope you’ll enjoy it 🙂

Just as eating the right foods can protect your body from disease and improve its ability to function, eating well can also help to protect and enhance your mind. Antioxidants, vitamins and minerals are all necessary to keep your brain working at an optimal level, while helping prevent certain debilitating illnesses and boosting performance.

Maintaining a healthy diet is an excellent way to get these necessary elements. Many of the nutrients needed to keep your body healthy are the same that constitute a “brain-healthy diet”, as defined by The Alzheimer’s Association: “one that reduces the risk of heart disease and diabetes, encourages good blood flow to the brain, and is low in fat and cholesterol.”

Here are a few of the best foods that will help keep your brain healthy:

1) Avocados: This fatty fruit contributes to healthy blood flow, which in turn, means a healthy brain. Avocados also lower blood pressure, which can protect against hypertension—a condition which can lead to a decline in cognitive abilities.

2) Apples: Eating an apple a day can help keep the doctor away…from your brain! The quercetin (a phytonutrient) found in apples protects the brain from deterioration due to oxidative stress, which can lead Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s.

3) Eggs: The “perfect protein,” eggs provide steady energy to fuel the body and brain. They are also are high in choline—a necessary component in the production of brain cells specializing in memory.

4) Whole grains: Folate found in whole grains plays a great part in the development of brain cells. Enriched whole grain products not only provide this much-needed nutrient, but also are an excellent source of fiber—for energy regulation—and other B vitamins, which help enhance alertness.

5) Blueberries and strawberries: The antioxidants found in these sweet and tart berries are associated with improved motor skills and memory. Some research also suggests that a diet high in antioxidants can also inhibit the development of Alzheimer’s disease.

6) Salmon or other fatty fish: Research has shown that people who regularly consume fish have a better memory than people who do not eat fish. In addition to the protein for energy, fatty fish are an excellent source of omega 3 fatty acids—which are linked with an improved ability to learn, and provides protection from Alzheimer’s disease.

Of all the fatty fishes, salmon is the number one source of DHA, the predominant omega-3 fat in your brain, which can help protect against Alzheimer’s disease. Salmon is also nature’s top source of vitamin D (a deficiency in vitamin D is linked to cognitive decline amongst older persons).

7) Coffee: A recent Finnish study found that people who drank three to five cups of coffee a day reduced their chances of developing Alzheimer’s disease by 65-percent (compared to individuals who drank only two to three cups a day).

The antioxidants found in coffee are believed to provide these protective effects. And the caffeine—a natural stimulant—found in coffee helps enhance focus and concentration, and can stimulate the production of endorphins, which can improve mood.

8 ) Dark chocolate: Like coffee, dark chocolate is packed full of antioxidant properties and contains a small amount of caffeine. Additionally, the polyphenols found in cocoa is considered to help increase blood flow to the brain.

A Journal of Nutrition study in 2009 found that eating dark chocolate (the type that has the highest levels of polyphenols and antioxidants) each day helps protect against age-related memory loss—a third of an ounce was all the subjects needed to eat in order to see the benefits.

These eight foods will help you protect your brain from disease and deterioration while also boosting performance. The best “brain foods” not only help to improve focus and memory, but also provide energy for busy days. Try to incorporate some of these foods into your daily meals, and eat them frequently to see the biggest benefits.


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