Carob Molasses?? Debs el Kharoub!!

Carob and Carob molasses have shown to lower blood cholesterol (total cholesterol and LDL, the bad one), lower blood sugar, act as an antioxidant and improve digestion and that is all due to the high amounts of compounds named lignin, inisitol and other polyphenols.

Carob is rich in Vitamin A, B vitamins, Calcium, Potassium, Iron and healthy fibers and proteins. It’s also correlated with a positive effect on gums and teeth; where they recommend infants to chew the carob pod before teeth appear.

In many cultures it is used as a type of remedy, for example, some carob molasses melted in water for digestive discomfort. Due to its beneficial effects on the digestive system, it is recommended for kids with diarrheal; usually given with fruit juices, because it has the ability to bind liquids and enhances their absorption decreasing diarrheal symptoms; yet on the other hand it has been also correlated with constipation. Thus, depending on the case and the individual, carob and carob molasses can either help with diarrhea or constipation.

Due to the increase interest in health, carob has been highly studied as a chocolate replacement especially for diabetic products. Check out this traditional sweet, made by using carob molasses instead of sugar. All natural and suits vegetarians: Sfouf b Debs.

W Alf Sa7tein!!


  1. Phillip
    March 15, 2012

    This is a thing I need to do more research into, thanks for the publish.

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