Mango & Apple Salad with a Drizzle of Iced Tea

I was asked yesterday about what can be done with Mango fruit other than just eating it fresh, in tarts or in some special desserts; something healthy, delicious  but can be instantly prepared.

So I went to the grocery shop and bought a couple of semi-ripened Mango fruits. I’ve sat all day looking at them, maybe something comes up. I opened the fridge to find Diet Peach Iced Tea, Green Apples and an opened bag of Kellogg’s Mini Bites.

So here it goes, the famous mango fruits with a combination of green apples.

Cut both into medium to small cubes, no need for perfect cut cubes. I used 1 mango and 1 green apple. Add to them 1 can of peach iced tea and stir.

It’s kind of a mingle between the sourness of the apple, the semi-sweetness of the mango and the refreshing aroma of the peach flavor.

Add the mix in a serving cup and drizzle some of the iced tea that’s left at the bottom of the mixing dish. Decorate your salad with the Kellog’s mini-bites, I used what’s available – chocolate flavor. To get the perfect taste, sprinkle some crushed walnuts on top.

1 mango + 1 green apple + 1 can of iced tea + 1 bag of mini bites = 2 serving cups.

Give it a try, it’s sooooo goood!!


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