A New Light Menu!

I got a twitter message from Casper & Gambini’s yesterday. They wanted to offer a food order delivery of a selection of their newly launched light menu.

Satisfy your cravings with anything off our menu.

We will have it delivered to you at any time and place!

I’ve order the below items and asked to be delivered at 12:30pm to my workplace, providing them with my phone number.

They were very punctual; the food was delivered just on time and the items were nicely packed. The food temperature was excellent for a delivery order (the smoothie was cold, the cheesecake was still in shape and the gnocchi was perfectly warm).

Japanese Shrimps Salad

Ingredients: Shrimps, Asian vegetables with an Asian dressing. It’s an Asian sweet combination; the black sesame on top gave it a refreshing taste with the pickled ginger.


Ingredients: Gnocchi with mushrooms, tomatoes, zucchini and pesto with a base of tomato sauce. You’ll love the combination of the tomato and pesto sauces.

Honey Vanilla Cheese Cake

Ingredients: Light Cream Cheese with Vanilla Bean flavor, Strawberry and Strawberry Sauce. Cheese Cake lovers, it’s not bad for a light replacement.

Fresh Fruit Freezers – Strawberry

I think it’s made of fresh crushed strawberries, mashed and strained. If you like strawberries, then you’ll love it. It’s light and refreshing.

Here’s a recap, according to their menu list:

Item Price (L.L) Calories (Kcal)
Japanese Shrimps Salad 16,500 210
Gnocchi 14,750 300
Honey-Vanilla Cheese Cake 8,500 200
Fresh Fruit Freezers – Strawberry 8,750 83
Total 48,500 793

Having lunch for ~ 50,000 L.L might not be a daily option. Yet, irrespective of the price having a good quality yet light selection of items for lunch wrapping up to 793 kcal might be a clever choice.


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