A French Culinary Journey – Coquelicot

Last week I had dinner at a spectacular French Restaurant. Coquelicot located in the heart of Gemmayze just next to the Red Cross Building, where I was amazed by a French culinary journey. This journey was inspired by the famous Parisian brasseries and bistros showing superb flavors, flawless service and a very homey warm atmosphere. I can’t not share with you this special experience with Coquelicot’s menu and all those exquisite dishes I’ve tasted from the appetizers to the main dishes along to the desserts.

Join  me for this lip-smacking French journey…

Just as you come in, you get to try warm French bread with “Homemade” butter and tapenade. The taste is extremely pampering!

I’ll start with the Appetizers, we’ve tasted an assortment of Roules de Saumon Fume, Tartare de Beouf , a selection of Salads, Thon mi-cuit,  Blanc de Poulet Panes, Crevettes au Sesame, Shrimps with goat cheese sauce  and fresh Crab.  Each and every dish has its own special taste made with a unique twist.

And here comes the fun part and don’t be shocked!! Because you will never taste anything like that anywhere else, Swirl Potatoes fried in “Duck Fat”, well you got to forget your diet issues and taste this unusual item.

We’re not done yet moving to the main dishes, if you get to pass by Coquelicot you can’t not taste all those delicious dishes:

Goose liver with apples.

Salmon lover’s you can’t miss Toumedos de Saumon.

Chicken stuffed with the finest Cepes Mushrooms and delicious side dish assortment.

Even if you’re full, this “Aged US Prime Beef” plate is like heaven on earth.

Now let’s have a break, and clear our taste buds from all the salty dishes and what’s more soothing than “Apple Sorbet”…

Now take a deep breath because the desserts have a special place: the famous “Pain Perdu”, Nutella Crepe and the sinful Chocolatmou.

No words can describe more the taste, so you got to go and taste for yourself. Let us know how it goes 🙂



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